Audio Post

Sound & Picture

Nuance Tone works with Pro Tools and adds industry specific plugins like the Waves software suite, broadcast conformance via Dolby Media Suite and audio restoration using Izotope RX to craft the sonic feel of your project. To aid in editorial we lean on our massive sound effects library. We’re also able to remotely handle ADR, Source Connect, foley and can provide final review in a larger space.

Our mixing room is calibrated to TV and Film broadcast levels to ensure seamless delivery to a larger screen. We are also familiar with standard audio specifications, so your project can compete at a professional level.

Lastly, our dedication and work habits allow us to integrate deeply with Directors/Producers enabling a tight relationship of trust and compatibility. We love Audio Post and it shows.

Web Work

In addition to audio post production for TV/film, we also provide services for web content creators working on webisodic material or brand management. We can offer sound design services to aid in brand identity and level conformance for audio/video collateral materials to keep you consistent from project to project.

For the content creators out there, we offer mix and editorial services along with sound restoration to help your project succeed and sound like you always intended it to. We’re intimately familiar with audio balancing and levels for YouTube, Vimeo and iTunes distribution.


Video marketing, how-to’s and corporate media collateral are all great ways to get your message out. A polished production with great sound helps sell the idea. Let us help you design and create a tonal bed that helps you tell your story. With a large sound effects library and the ability to compose, we have the creativity and know-how to make the project get noticed. We can also help build your mix in either 5.1 or stereo for a variety of delivery formats and our mastering ensures the sound levels and quality are on par with other campaigns.

For remote work we offer ISDN, Source Connect and Skype patch for VO sessions and video review.


Episodic material brings its own unique challenges. Time constraints, equipment mismatch and quality variance are some of the issues facing the podcast industry. Too often quality suffers in the name of speed. Let us help you balance, edit and sweeten your podcast so you can stand out and get the recognition your topic deserves. We offer quality control reviews, dialog cleanup, level balancing and final mastering to iTunes specification.