Audiobook Engineer

NuanceTone offers it’s services in audiobook editorial. We love helping artists get the most out of their projects. We offer services ranging from mastering, editing and QC (Quality Control) all the way up to in-studio recording assistance. whether you’re in need of some help setting up, editing your audio or just putting some of the finishing touches on your work, we can help.


Most of our services are based on the calculated ‘Per Finished Hour’ figure that is given by the producer. In cases where audio triage is necessary we reserve the right to charge more.

Full Package  Р[$60 + fixed one time $25 mastering fee]

This rate includes full book editing. audio cleanup, breath removal, balancing, and cross fades. Quality Control (QC) is also done, word by word. Once finished a report is returned with corrections. The artist re-records the corrections based on the QC report and fixes are made by engineer. Finally, this package includes mastering which entails noise removal, audio level and balancing, compression, limiting and finally MP3 exports. This also includes file naming and master session delivery.

Quality Control  Р[$40]

This package includes line by line reporting of corrections like misread, mispronounce, missing word, noise, distortion and level imbalances. A comprehensive report is delivered with line and time values including notes on changes.

Editorial – [$40]

This package includes smoothing of regions, cross fades and level balancing, breath removal, simple noise reduction and basic normalizing.

Mastering – [$30]

This package includes level balancing, file naming, compression and limiting of levels, delivery format adherence and outputs of both WAV and MP3 along spec guidelines.

Recording Engineer – [$50]

This package includes an engineer for in-session recording, live QC and editorial plus coaching and simple file mastering. This package price is per ACTUAL hour of recording time. The benefits of going this route, all editorial is done in real time, saves time and money in the end.

Recording Engineer w/ Studio – [$100]

Includes the above package with studio included. Rate is based on ACTUAL recording time.