Boutique Audio Post

Nuance Tone is an small, yet adept audio post house. We specialize in Editorial, Mixing and Sound Design. We’re also able to handle Foley, ADR, Voice Over Demos for actors and DJ Event Services. By remaining small, we’re able to uniquely meet our clients needs.

Welcome to the new sound!

There are many ways to finish a project. We understand the complexity of production and post. This is why working on a personal level makes more sense. We’ve handled many different projects, from the very short to longer full length productions, and each yield a different method of attack. Here at Nuance Tone we strive to meet the demands of our clients, bringing a sense of pride and collaboration that doesn’t exist elsewhere.

And that’s not all…

In addition to audio post, we handle recording for all formats. Whether long-form reading for an audio book, or short tags for product demos, we’ve got the studio and the skill to help you compete with the standard.

And, we love music. So much so that you’ll find us handling the tunes for restaurants, corporate events, weddings, birthdays and art functions. We provide complete sound systems including speakers, mics, projectors and of course, the vibe.